How to Get Rid of German Roach vs American Roach?

german roach vs american roach

Different pest control measurements are required for different types of roaches. If you can not tell the differences between American and German cockroaches, you may end up using the wrong methods and failing to get rid of them. That leads up to the question: What are the differences between German Roach vs American Roach? German …

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Does Lysol Kill Roaches? [How effective is it?]

Does Lysol Kill Roaches

Lysol is a disinfectant product that has been around for a long time and has been quite popular. It kills germs pretty effectively. But many people also try to kill bugs with Lysol. If roaches started infesting your house, you might wonder, “does Lysol kill roaches?” Yes, Lysol kills roaches, but the disinfectant spray is …

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Does Cinnamon Repel Roaches or Attract them?

Cinnamon and roaches

Does cinnamon repel roaches or attract roaches has been a common topic among people tired of roach infestations in their homes. If you have been thinking the same, today you will find your answer. Cinnamon effectively repels roaches from home. The strong scent of the cinnamon negatively affects the sense of roaches and scares them …

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