Is Advion Ant Gel Safe For Pets? [How to Use the Bait Safely]

I always check insecticides 100 times before using them. That is because I have a pet (cat), and I am concerned about his safety. Recently there was an extreme ant infestation at my home. One of my friends recommended me to use Syngenta’s Advion ant gel. It worked amazingly, and you can use it too.

But is Advion ant gel safe for pets?

Yes! Advion ant gel is safe to use around pets and children. I have used it with pets at home, and my cat showed no interest in the gel. But the ants forged into the bait, and a few days later, there were no ants.

But how to use them to get effective results? Is there any risk if your pet ingests the gel? Continue scrolling as I answer all your questions throughout the article.


What is Syngenta Advion Ant Gel?

Advion Ant Gel is a bait that kills ants. It uses .05% Indoxacarb, which is an oxadiazine insecticide. 

Syngenta is basically one of the largest agrotech companies in the world. It is widely popular for producing and distributing insecticides.

Although they have two ant gels, the Advion is far from the best. It is particularly for indoor usage.

When you place the bait somewhere, the ants will come to it and eat it. Soon after that, they will die.

The best thing about Advion Ant gel is that it is contagious. When one ant eats and returns to home, it spreads the poison to other ants as well. It ensures a high killing rate and maximum efficiency.


  • Highly effective in luring ants and killing them
  • Easy to use
  • Safe for pets


  • Need to clean often

Is Advion Ant Gel Safe For Pets?

The Advion Ant Gel is safe for cats, dogs, and other pets. You can safely use it at your home, even if you have multiple pets or kids.

One of my friends has three cats at home, and she used it without any problem. It took her only a few days to completely remove the ants with the Advion Ant Gel. Now, she has no ants in her home.

Potential Dangers of Advion Ant Gel to Pets

However, no insecticide is free from toxic chemicals and the same is true for Syngenta’s ant gel.

The Advion Ant Gel uses stomach toxicant chemicals. If any animal ingests it, it can have a bad stomach. The good thing is that it is not very strong.

Besides, the gel lures ants but not pets. If you put the gel around your home, the pets are likely to ignore them.

However, the gel can be harmful to small birds and fishes. They have a low resistance to toxicity. Ensure you do not put the gel in the aquarium or your bird does not eat them.

Try to keep them away from children. They have an intensity of ingesting everything they find. It can be harmful to them.

In case your pet or baby eats the gel, contact a vet or doctor. Most of the time it hurts the stomach for a moment and then goes away. The gel has no long-term harmful effect on pets and children.

Tips for Using Advion Ant Gel Safely Around Pets

If you use the Advion Ant Gel properly, you will not have to worry about your pet’s safety at all. Needless to say, as the gel is safe for pets, there are no special instructions.

Here is the step-by-step guide to using Advion Ant Gel:

Step 1: Locate the areas

First, you need to identify the areas where you often see ants. Placing the bait randomly anywhere may not bring good results.

Ants usually live close to food sources. However, try to locate places that are hard to reach for pets.

I know pets tend to put their nose everywhere. Still, try to put the gel where your pet usually does not go.

Step 2: Clean the area

You need to clean the area from any other food sources. Although the bait lures ants efficiently, still, it’s better not to keep any other foods.

Do not use any chemicals, as that can deter the ants from that location. While talking about cleaning products, it reminded me that Lysol can kill ants. You can read the article to get a better idea.

Nonetheless, a warm cloth and soapy water should be fine for preparing the area. Make sure to wait until the place dries before using the gel.

Step 3: Apply Advion Ant Gel

The Syngenta Advion Gel comes in tubes. You do not need to buy any separate bait applicator.

Gently push the tube and put a drop or two on the floor. You can place the gel in dots or lines. 0.1 grams to 1.0 grams of gel is fine for a single location. You do not need to put a heavy amount in one place.

Step 4: Clean and reapply

After one or two days of applying the gel, you may need to reapply it. The gel usually goes out due to ants eating them, or it may evaporate after staying a long time.

First, clean the leftovers of the previous application, then apply new bait.

Bonus Tip: It can be messy to clean the gel every few days. You can use square-inch cardboard and place the gel on them. Ants will still take the bait, and it will be easier to clean.

How Long Does Advion Ant Gel Take to Kill Ants?

The Advion Ant Gel takes a few minutes to an hour to kill an individual ant after it takes the bait.

Besides, the Advion ant gel can remove more than 80% of ants within three days. Usually, it takes a week to completely get rid of the ants.

But sometimes, it may also take more than a month to completely extinguish the ant infestation.


Do you have more questions regarding using Advion Ant Gel safely around pets? Here are the answers to a few of them:

  1. Is Advion Ant Gel safe to use around all types of pets?

While Advion Ant Gel is generally safe for use around pets, it’s important to be cautious with certain types of animals, such as small birds and fish. Try to place the bait where these pets can not access it.

  1. Can pets eat the Advion Ant Gel?

Pets should not be allowed to eat the Advion Ant Gel, as it can be toxic if ingested. But in general, pets do not show interest in eating the gel. Its special formulation only lures the ants.

  1. How long should I keep my pets away from the areas where I’ve applied Advion Ant Gel?

Pets should be kept away from the areas where Advion Ant Gel has been applied until the gel has dried completely. This typically takes a few hours, but it’s best to wait at least 24 hours before allowing pets back in the area.

  1. Are there any alternative methods for eliminating ants that are safe for pets?

Yes, there are several alternative methods for eliminating ants that are safe for pets, including using vinegar or citrus as a natural repellent or setting out ant bait stations that are designed to be safe for pets.

  1. How can I prevent ants from entering my home in the first place?

To prevent ants from entering your home, make sure to keep your kitchen and other areas free of food debris and crumbs, seal any cracks or gaps in your windows and doors, and keep your pet’s food and water dishes clean and free of spills. You can also try using natural repellents like peppermint or cinnamon around entry points to deter ants from coming inside.

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